How to fill out the Registration Form

If you have any questions how to fill out the registration form please do not hesitate to email Tod at

In the Registration form you will see two tabs at the bottom:  Registration and Calculation.

Registration Tab:

  1. -The first line (in bold) is for the team rep.  Replace the sample information with yours.  ALL communication with the team will be through this person so please be sure that you have the ability to pass information to and from your team.  The team rep is responsible for the accuracy of information on this form.

  2. -If you need more lines please feel free to insert them.

  3. -Enter the Team Name & Home City (you only have to do this once)

  4. -Division Put A, B, C or R (Recreational) for skill level

  5. -Fill out the Contact Information for each person going across.  If you don’t know or don’t have a particular item don’t worry, just enter what you have.  We can always add more info or change it later.

  6. -“Position” C-Center, F-Forward, D-Defense, G-Goalie, B-Bench, X-Guest

  7. -“Occupancy” is a drop down menu.  Select the proper occupancy (Single, Double, Triple, Quad) and whether they are a Player or a Guest.

  8. -“Room #” please indicate who is in which room.  Ex. Jane and Joan are in the first room, they both get a 1 here.  Mary, Beth and Marg are in the second room, put a 2 beside each of their names and so forth.

  9. -T-Shirt Size.  A T-Shirt is included with each “Package” registration.  Please indicate what size each person should get here (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL). SEE SIZING CHART HERE

  10. -“Tournament Only” registrations please ignore “Occupancy, Room, Bus and T-Shirt Size” as they do not apply to your registration.

  11. -“Special Requests”  Let us know how we can make your trip a pleasant one.  Please let us know any dietary or mobility requirements.

  12. -Don’t forget to mark an X in the box acknowledging that you have read the terms and conditions.  We cannot accept any registrations without this box checked.

Calculation tab:

  1. -For Package Registrations, the spreadsheet will perform the calculations for you.  For “Tournament Only”, please enter the quantity in the appropriate row (Team, Player, Guest) in that column.

  2. -A T-Shirt is included with a Package Registration!  You already should have let us know the size on the registration tab.  This section is for extra orders only.  Please DO NOT re-enter it here or you will double-order! 

  3. -For Tournament only participants a t-shirt is extra.  Please enter the quantity and sizes required.

  4. -If you have friends or guests in the Las Vegas area not taking advantage of any of our tournament but wish to accompany you to the awards banquet you can purchase extra tickets for $75. 

  5. -If you are “Tournament Only”, staying at another hotel and also wish to take advantage of the arena shuttle from Bally’s you can add this option as well ($45 per person or $450 for an entire team no matter how many).

Payment Options:

Put an X beside your preferred payment option.  Please note our payment terms, above.  If you choose “PayPal” an invoice will be sent via email to the team rep.  It will have a link taking you to a secure payment site where you can enter a credit card and make payment online.  If you choose to just make a deposit at the time of registration it is $100 per person. 

This deposit (or the first $100 of a payment) is NON-REFUNDABLE but may be transferred to another person.  The balance must be paid in full by March 15, 2017.  Should the US$ exchange rate be below $1.00 and you choose to pay by “Cheque” please ensure that it is in US funds.  DO NOT just write “US Funds” on a C$ cheque, the bank will reject it.  Please go to the bank and purchase a Bank Draft or Money Order drawn in US Funds.

Save the completed form with your team name name (ex. Zephyrs.xls) and email the completed form to:

If you have a copy of your team logo or a photo (high quality .jpeg preferred) please send it via email as well.

Please keep a copy of this form as we want to be ‘on the same page’ when making additions, modifications or deletions.

If you are mailing a cheque or money order please make it payable to SPORT DESTINATION and mail it to:

                    Sport Destination

                    46 Zokol Drive

                    Aurora, ON  L4G 0B6


A confirmation email will be sent upon receipt of the cheque or payment by Paypal.  Deposit and EARLY BIRD checks will be cashed December 15, 2016.  All other cheques will be held until the division is filled and confirmed.  Please only send ONE cheque for your team.  We will NOT be accepting separate cheques from individual team members as this results in extra work and confusion.

PLEASE do not book flights until you have been confirmed in the tournament as we may become overbooked or be forced to drop a division and cannot be responsible for any losses incurred.

Looking forward to hosting your team in Vegas!